The Island of Momo Game

The Island of Momo Game

You were in your room ready to fall asleep when something terrible happened. Now you are in this strange place called the island of Momo. Search the island for ammo, fight Momo and its sidekicks, and stay alive as long as you can. Good luck! <br/>Mouse 1: Fire Mouse 2: Aim/Block W-S-A-D: Walk Left Shift: Sprint Left Ctrl: Crouch X: Prone Space: Jump F: Use item R: Reload H: Holster weapon G: Grenade

action pistol scary hand grenade life dark bomb blasting violence 3d shooting unity survival grenade throwing search fighting guns shooting jumping fire bomb island 3d escape bomb throwing adventure

3d 3d shooting adventure bomb bomb blasting bomb throwing escape fighting fire grenade throwing guns island jumping search shooting

Alt Bilgi

Sayfa Süre : 00:00:00.0004008
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