Princess Ella Soft vs Grunge Game

Princess Ella Soft vs Grunge Game

Princess Ella is looking for her own unique style. She tries out a new style called Soft. Representatives of the soft girl subculture prefer comfortable and soft clothes. The makeup is dominated by pink and peach shades. The entire aesthetics of the style is literally imbued with emotionality and sensuality, kindness and tenderness. Rainbow prints, drawings in the form of hearts, stars, bears, clouds are welcome. There are many childish elements in the aesthetics. The grunge style is the exact opposite of the soft style. It's cocky, chaotic, and socially defiant. The whole essence of the direction is such components: mixing of incompatible elements, comfort and convenience in the first place, real indifference to fashion. The grunge style of clothing is expressed in torn and stretched clothes. Specially aged clothes, wrinkled T-shirts and sweaters that seem to be out of size are the basis of grunge clothing. What happens if you mix these two styles and create a new style - Softgrunge? Let's find it out with the lovely princess Ella at Dressupwho!
Mouse and Finger

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