Exploder Game

Exploder Game

Exploder is a game similar to the classic Bomberman but with a space theme. Players need to fight other players as well as monsters by planting bombs and running away from attacks and explosions. Starting the game is pretty easy and straightforward; though, it is incredibly hard to master all the game tricks. All graphical game assets are pixel artwork to reflect on the original game. Battles in Exploder are very entertaining and challenging, with virtual coins and experience points as gratification! In the game shop, you can use the coins to upgrade your character's appearance by buying new skins and other aspects.
On a desktop client, press WASD or the arrow keys to move and the space button to plant a bomb. On a mobile device, swipe the screen to move and tap on the bomb icon as needed.

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arena arrow blowing up bomb bomb blasting bomber button cell phone drop bombs fighting gold gold coin monster opponent phone running two player wall

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