Candy Blocks Game

Candy Blocks Game

Candy Blocks is an exciting game for the whole family. Match 6 candies in a row and score points! Collected coins and a sweetie smiley will help you with this.
Attention! After 500 points scored, the countdown begins.
Any figure from the candies presented at the bottom of the playing field can be rotated and changed by spending coins. You can replenish coins by clicking on the "Plus" button.
Have a good time!
Drag the candy shapes over the chocolate bar with your finger or with your mouse. Place the blocks on the chocolate field by collecting lines.
6 candies collected in a row and a column give 100 points. When you click on the smiley-sweetheart one area is released.
Attention! After 500 points scored, the countdown begins.
Candy figures from the bottom of the screen can be rotated or changed by giving two coins. If you run out of coins, press the "+" button.

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