4 Colors World Tour Game

4 Colors World Tour Game

We present to your attention a great card game called "World Tour of Four Colors"! Here you can fight both against the computer and with live people over the network. No more than four people can take part in one game. Great map design and cool animations will help you immerse yourself in the gameplay faster. The cards consist of four colors: blue, yellow, purple and red. Each card will depict toys, statues, vegetables and other interesting items. For each victory you will receive coins that will allow you to buy new skins for cards. You can start a game against artificial intelligence or create a room and invite your friends there. Just copy the link and send it to your friends. Are you ready? Here we go!
Here you will see many different types of cards with different numbers on them. Your task is to match cards with the same colors or numbers to each other. But besides these cards, there are also many other types: "+2", "+3", return, block, color selection cards. The "return" and "block" cards will allow you to play twice (this is provided that you play together). If more than two people are playing, then the "block" will be a skip move, and the "return" will change the direction of the game. "Color selection" gives you the opportunity to order a color for another player. "+2", "+3" / they/ mean that the player must take the specified number of cards from the deck and skip the turn.

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