12 MiniBattles Game

12 MiniBattles Game

A lot of games like Golf, Wrestle, Axe Battle, Football, Duels, Soccer Physics, Mace Battle await you inside of only one game. The thing what you need to do in Golf game put put the ball to the hole in the middle of the screen for three times. In Axe Battle, Mace Battle and Duels, you should hit your opponent with the weapon you have for three times. Some of the these duels will happen in wild west, some of them will happen in ancient times with Vikings and some of them will happen in middle age with macemen or archers. You should collect all of the ammos in the air before your opponent does and destroys you in the battle which you are going to do against your friend.
In the copter mission, you should save 5 people from the island and you should take them to your area. The one who saves 5 people first, wins the game. The one who scores 5 in Soccer Physics or Golll named games, wins the game. In Wrestle game, you should arrange your balance well and you should cause your opponent to fall his/her back and by this way you should win the struggle by 3 score.
Get ready to start super two player games with your friend. Call your friend now and let the super fun and stormy games begin for you!
Player 1: A
Player 2: L
You can control the game by touch controls  on mobile devices.
Good luck!

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